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Safe Face Painting by Face Painter

What are you paying for?
Fast, fun, fabulous and safe!

Lilly Walters is booked several months in advance because she is:

  • FABULOUS: see the photos of her work.
  • FUN: when you hire her, even the adults will want her art!
  • SAFE: Uses only safe cosmetic grade materials, meant for use on the skin, and takes extra sanitary and safety precautions others do not
Safe Face Painting by Face Painter

  • EXPERT: A sought after teacher and author on face painting.
  • BLING AND JEWELS!!!: Well over $1000 in BLING to 'be-jewel' your guests!
  • FAST: Lilly can create a full, beautiful face, arm or leg, in the time it takes others to do a small cheek design. See what I can do in 3 - 8 minutes
  • CREDIBLE: All photos at this website are of Lilly's work, and references are public at this site
  • LESS EXPENSIVE: than other artists in our area. $100 an hour, with a 2 hour minimum. Every hour after those first two is only $60
Face Painter in Placentia, Yorba Linda, Brea, Anaheim Hills, Fullerton

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