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To Book Lilly:

  1. See overview MUST HAVE below of what I need to create a great event for you.
  2. Contact me for availability check: 909-815-8535, Lilly@funfacepainting.com
  3. Secure the date by paying the non-refundable booking fee deposit, pay securely on-line with credit card, or PayPay.
$50 booking fee for parties and events deducted from the total cost of the party.

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$25 deposit for private studio session

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4. The contract email, saying NEED MORE will then be emailed to you immediately.

5. Balance to be paid the day of the event.


TIPPING: Tipping is one of the most stressful and confusing aspects of etiquette today. Of course I love to get tips! Face and Body Painter in Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, Placentia, Fullerton, Brea for Children's Parties and Corprate EventsBut I also love that you are not stressed. Lets do it this way, if I EXCEED your expectations, if your guests are asking, "Wow! Where did you FIND her?!" well, do what you think is appropriate, and know that I appreciate you for choosing me to be a part of your event ... regardless.


  • Protected work area: This means protected from sun, wet, windy weather, dust and debris: If it is under 65 degrees, or over 90, I must be inside with a controlled climate. Otherwise, the very high quality, wonderful, make-up I use to create beautiful faces for your event loses it consistency. A shady tree will, unfortunately, drop debris into my make-up, and get onto your children’s faces.
  • Table: a sturdy table, 6 ft or larger
  • Away from bands and DJ: Loud noises can cause those being painted to be startled and jump. This can be very dangerous. Plus, the painters cannot hear what the your guests are asking for. Painters should be in a separate room from bands and DJs.
  • Chair: 1 normal height chair, a regular folding chair, like the type used at parties is perfect.
  • Excellent Lighting: We can only paint as well as we can see.

Important for you to know ...

> DON’T TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN!: LOL! well, please not while I am painting them. Talking to them makes them wiggle and slows down the process. More important, I have my brushes close to their eyes. I have never had an “accident,” partially because I insist adults do not talk to their children while I am working on them. But, it does feel like the mean face painter lady is ‘scolding’ the adults when I ask them not to talk to their own children. So, your help with this is appreciated, if possible.

> TAKING PHOTOS: Please let them get out of my chair and go to the mirror to take photos. This way I can start on the next in line more quickly.

> CHILDREN FIRST: with your permission, I will paint all interested children under 12 first, then others as time permits.

> FIRST TURNS: Your guests will enjoy the art so much they often want to come back for more, and more, and more! I always say we must give everyone a first turn, before I will do MORE on them, or do touch-ups. I will not do "second turns," until everyone, adults and children, have their first turn.

> JUMPERS/BOUNCY HOUSE: face painting will not survive sweating in a jumper. But, they will be having a great time!

> UNHAPPY BABIES: I am very good at finding ways to paint tiny toddlers. But, if none of my methods work, I will not force a child to be painted.

>ENDING: you have contracted with me for a specific time. I will monitor the number of people waiting and do my best to close out at the time you requested. If it seems I cannot get everyone done in time, I will ask someone to find you. If I do not have another engagement after yours, you can keep me for $1 per minute, for as long you need me to stay. If you want me to go and there is a line waiting, you are responsible for letting your guests know that I need to leave. I am happy to share in a tiny white lie and have you say I have another appointment.

> WAITING LIST: I use my own system of numbering for a waiting list. Please don't try to help me with this, other than asking one of your adults to help me coordinate the line in you have a large group.

> PROBLEM PARENTS: very **rarely** I will have a parent, or child, who is a problem. For instance, a parent who insists their child should go before the other children. Or, a child who wants to play with my supplies (I have over $2000 invested in my materials, and I sanitize everything between each person. So, I do not want anything touched. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I handle these situations easily myself. But, if I feel I must be too "firm," I will say to the parent, or child, "please go ask the people who have hired me. They will let you know how they want this handled."

> STRAY CHILDREN - Public places: very often at park or restaurants, stray children will see you have fun things going on, and ask me to paint them, play in your jumper and eat your cake! This can be a real problem in making the wait time VERY long for your guests to get painted. I have had parents of these stray children try to bully me into painting them. If you are having your event in a public place, realize I have no way of knowing who belongs with your group. Please assign one of your guests to be my line monitor.

> LINE MONITOR: A line coordinator, increases the number of people I can paint drastically. It also helps keep strays out of your party in a publ. For groups over 30, having an elder, or group of elders, from your company or family sit close by to help me, will make things go much faster. They will help people decide what they want before they sit down with me. They will also make sure the next person is actually standing there waiting for me, not off in the jumper!

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